Hair Extensions    Prices

Single Bonded    Fitted    £150
Removal    £45-£65
Micro Loops    Fitted    £150
Removal    £45-£65
Glue-In Wefts    Fitted    £40
Removal    £20
Prices do not include prices of hair
Removal price depend on condition of hair
Ladies hair    Prices
Wash, Cut and Blow Dry    £25
+Straightening    £27
Wet Cut    £15
Dry Cut    £14
Blowdry    £12.50
+straightening    £14.50

Ladies Perming and Colouring

Perm from    £46
Top Perm From    £36
Tint (Roots)    £30
Tint (Full Head) From    £38
Semi-Permanent Colour from    £28.50
Cap Hi-Lites From    £36

Full Head Hi-Lites
Short Hair    £55
Long Hair    £65

Half Head Hi-Lites
Short Hair    £45
Long Hair    £55

Wedding, Prom and Party Hair
From    £20
Mens    Prices
Wash, Cut and Blowdry    £10
Dry Cut    £9
Colour    From    £20
Head Shaves     £5
Beards    £3
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Boys twelve and under    £6
Girls twelve and under
Wash Cut and Blowdry    £20
Dry Cut    £10

Princess Parties    Per Child    £10

We are currently providing a service where we come to your home and the girls can have their nails painted and their hair curled/styled to make them feel like little princesses.

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